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  • New Generation
    Organic Fertilizer

    Good for nature
    Good for you

Nanotechnology – a new word in the production of organic fertilizers

GreenEarth-NanoPlant is a multipurpose liquid organic fertilizer

  • Essential features of GreenEarth-NanoPlant are achieved in production by use of our proprietary technology that enables combining processes of water activation and shredding of biological humus to a size of 100 to 700 nanometers.
  • To increase the efficiency and widen the range of application of GreenEarth-NanoPlant even further, we are able to additionally saturate it with living and agriculturally useful bioflora. Furthermore, specifics of our technological cycle of producing the fertilizer allows for additional elements to be introduced into the composition enhancing its agricultural purpose.

* No chemical additives are used to produce GreenEarth-NanoPlant.

Why is it so unique?

  • suitable for all types of living plants, including trees
  • potential application in any climatic conditions
  • potential application in fields, greenhouses, indoors
  • safe for humans, flora and fauna
  • increasing yields and vitamin content in harvested crops
  • increasing soil fertility and restoration
  • facilitating soil desalination
  • equipment for producing is technologically easy to find
  • no specific equipment necessary for application

* Increases plants` resistance to unfavorable climatic conditions and diseases.
** Possibility of combining with mineral fertilizers and pesticides.


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  • 9261 Pittsburgh Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33967