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During tests conducted on different plant cultures, in different geographic regions and climatic zones, rootstock and foliage mass always increased. All vegetables and gourds increased their vitamin C, B1, B2, PP content and flavor. All plants increased their resistance to drought and different diseases without any plant protection agents added.

Moreover, during all GreenEarth-NanoPlant fertilizer test studies, there were no reports of any negative impact on treated plants.

During the tests of our fertilizer in the State of Florida we have discovered the several additional advantages of our fertilizer.

After the application of our fertilizer for the sick lemon tree  with black leaves (black mold), the penetrated leaves had fallen and the new healthy leaves were formed. 


After the application of our Ready-to-Use product  (0,25%) to the lemon tree we were able to receive lemons with weight up to 1.2 kg (2,5 lb). 

Here are few testimonials from our customers:

On the left side the mango  from the store  on the right side of mango from the garden in North Port (Florida). 


The Mango tree has been treated by our ready to use liquid organic fertilizer. 

North Port (Florida):
"I have a 10 years old fig tree. I never got from them more then only few figs.
Two months ago I started to use organic liquid fertilizer product you gave me.. Please come and look. Please look at this fig tree. This is the one I was talking about. Now, it's full of fruits after I sprayed it few times with your fertilizer product you gave me.
Please in about the month stop by, I want to give you figs from this rich tree, because you deserve that!
Thank you very much! “

Optimal scheme of use of the GreenEarth-NanoPlant Ready to Use Spray – pre-seeding seed treatment and three foliar dressings of plants during vegetation.

pre-sowing treatment of seeds – semi-wet treatment of seeds (1 gallon per 1000 lb of seeds, 12 to 24 hours prior to seeding), which results in increased germinating power and spouting energy;

first foliage treatment – treatment of shoots, when 3 to 8 first plant leaves appear (which results in increased survival rate of the shoots);

second foliage treatment – treatment before blossoming, in budding period;

third foliage treatment – treatment after fruits appear.

For the green and flowering plants and the lawn grass 1-6 treatments per season (with at least 10 to 20 days interval) would be enough.

The GreenEarth-NanoPlant Ready to Use Spray is completely safe and nontoxic, it has no odor and may be used inside house.

Please follow the above recommendations to achieve the best effect when using GreenEarth-NanoPlant Ready to Use Spray.

Have a good harvest of high quality crops!
Your success is our best award!

Production of GreenEarth-NanoPlant liquid organic fertilizer

The GreenEarth-NanoPlant fertilizer production method is based on combined dispersion of biohumus in water to particles of 100 to 700 nanometers. The use of nanotechnology during water and biohumus treatment achieves virtually complete water extraction and dissolution of organic and inorganic elements from the original biohumus.

Due to the above-mentioned technology GreenEarth-NanoPlant liquid organic fertilizer represents a new generation fertilizer: it constitutes a biologically active water suspension as a uniform, structured by activated water, complex of nutritious elements and microorganisms necessary for plant development.

No chemical substances and/or chemical syntheses are used in GreenEarth‑NanoPlant production.

Effects of fertilizers on yields
  1. Nutrition Content
  2. Advantages of applying organic fertilizer
  3. Safety
  4. Definition of nano


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