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GreenEarth-NanoPlant is a unique liquid organic fertilizer

Liquid organic fertilizer GreenEarth-NanoPlant is universal: it may be applied to all plants without any exception: grass, bushes, trees,  to everything, which grows on earth in different geographic and climatic zones, in the field, in greenhouses, and indoors.

Why is it so unique?

  • Multipurpose use
    • suitable for all types of living plants, including trees
    • potential application in any climatic conditions
    • potential application in fields, greenhouses, homes
  • Environmental safety
    • safe for humans, flora and fauna
  • Increases yields and quality of products
    • increasing yields and vitamin content in harvested crops
  • Facilitates restoration of soil
    • increasing soil fertility and restoration
    • facilitating soil desalination
  • Easy to produce and multipurpose to use
    • equipment for producing is technologically easy to find
    • no specific equipment necessary for application

* Increases plants` resistance to unfavorable climatic conditions and diseases.
** Possibility of combining with mineral fertilizers and pesticides.

GreenEarth-NanoPlant liquid fertilizer’s properties allow for a rich yield of high quality crops using simple technology, all while ensuring complete safety for health and the environment, and while preserving and restoring soil fertility.


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  • 9261 Pittsburgh Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33967