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The application and action of GreenEarth-NanoPlant organic fertilizer


The application and action of GreenEarth-NanoPlant organic fertilizer is unique, since it reproduces the natural process of plant nutrition. Unlike any other fertilizer, GENP has features that enable both foliage and plant-root fertilization at the same time.

The minute plant vessel size ranges from 1 to 1.5 microns.
The size of shredded particles in GENP fertilizer is within 100 to 700 nanometers.

GreenEarth-Nano Plant can quickly and accurately deliver necessary nutrients to those plant organs that need them.

Physical properties of GreenEarth-NanoPlant organic fertilizer allow for the most efficient method of supplementary plant feeding – foliar feeding. During root feeding, nutrients can bind with other soil components and miss the plant. Scientists found that foliar feeding delivers fertilizer elements about 5 to 20 (and for some plants – even 100) times quicker than root feeding and the efficiency of microelements delivered by foliar feeding is 10 times higher than by root feeding. Moreover, foliar feeding permits the delivery of plant food in time – almost immediately – directly to those plant parts which need them. It is also important that foliar feeding does not require special equipment, is less labor-intensive, so it is economically more efficient.

Classical scheme for plant-root fertilization


Nutrition scheme with the use of GENP



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