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Makes 6 1/2 gallons!

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Category: Fertilizers

Manufacturers: GENP

The fertilizer is used as a 1% to 5% solution with water.

Optimal use of GreenEarth-NanoPlant Plus (Concentrate) – pre-planting seed treatment and three foliar applications during the growing season.

Pre-planting seed treatment – semi-wet treatment of seeds, 2.5 gals. of 1% to 3% solution per 2000 lbs. of seeds.

First foliar application – treatment of shoots, when the first offshoots appear, with 1% to 4% solution.

Second foliar application – treatment during budding period, before blossoms appear (for grain crops before the ears emerge); follow package directions for solution concentration.

Third foliar application – after appearance of fruit / grain, treat with 3% to 5% solution.

To prepare GreenEarth-NanoPlant Plus (Concentrate):
Add to water that is approximately 60* to 70* F. Do not shake or mix. Allow to stand for 15 minutes, and it's ready!

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